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Dr Justin Elliott

Facility Manager – Dr Justin Elliott

Dr Justin Elliott obtained his PhD at the University of Edinburgh developing and characterising electrodes tailored to molten salt systems, gaining insight into the fundamental properties of alloying under these conditions.

He is currently the facility manager for the pyrochemical research laboratory (PRL)

 Professor Andrew Mount

Facility Founder – Professor Andrew Mount

Professor Mount’s research interests are in the development, characterisation and application of novel electrode and spectroscopic sensing and analysis systems, particularly for applications in healthcare and energy.

He is the Professor of Physical Electrochemistry and Dean of Research for the College of Science and Engineering, as well as being on the Steering Board of the Scottish Sensor Systems Centre (S3C).

He was appointed one of the National Nuclear Laboratory’s first academic associates, is Chair of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Faraday Standing Committee on Conferences and is also a member of the RSC Faraday Division Council.