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All salt inventories are prepared, dried and managed on site. Due to the need to carefully manage the glove box environment no sample may be brought on site without consultation and express permission given. We offer a range of salts of metal chlorides and oxides. These typically include but are not limited to:


  • Lithium chloride
  • potassium chloride
  • europium (III) chloride
  • samarium (III) chloride
  • neodymium(III) chlorides
  • lanthanum (III) chloride
  • bismuth (III) chloride
  • cerium (III) chloride
  • silver (I) chloride


  • Lithium (I) oxide
  • silver (I) oxide

Molten salt experiments are typically prepared in a glassy carbon crucible using 50 g of salt. Larger quantities are possible if requested. The crucible is housed in a quartz cell with top down feedthroughs for electrodes and other analytical equipment.

We are also able to provide electrodes of varies types and materials. These include tungsten rod working and counter electrodes as well as Ag/AgCl reference electrodes housed in a mullite tube. There is capability for sparging salts with Ar and other gasses.